Friday, June 09, 2006

Another: Brutus Post Office

Another 'Brutus Post Office'. In Michigan, United States of America:

FROM 028: R.F. Côté, Canada
Skirted Ladies: 'ô Marlène...'

TO 019: Frips, Belgium
'First Eraser Stamp'

My first 'carved eraser stamp'. The tools: a little eraser I found somewhere in this house, a cutter knife and a permanent red marker.
And off course, the goal was to carve a 'b' of 'brutus', and yes I carved a 'b', and yes when I stamped it, it became a 'd'...yes, I can hear you say: the 'd' of 'dumb'. Ok, thank you.

FROM 027: Frips, Belgium

Thanks to Frips, I now know how to make carved stamps. Here you see some stampthings Frips sent me.