Monday, March 13, 2006

TO 005: Haje Hölstrom, Finland
'Skirted Ladies N°002'

TO 004: Latuff, Brazil
'Skirted Ladies N°001'

Skirted Ladies

Today I'm going to start a new serie of mailarts. The mailings will include some of my drawings of skirted ladies. Why? Because: when I take a pencil or a marker and begin to draw, 80% of the time I end up with a skirted lady (from the hips to the feet) with boots.

So time to send them around.
Bye bye ladies, see you.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

TO 003: Renée Wagemans, The Netherlands
'Eyebrowed Robby'

FROM 002: Renée Wagemans, The Netherlands
'Black Out'

Beside R.F. Côté, the Dutch Renée Wagemans is a very active person in sending mailart too. I'm shure you're gonna like her blog.

FROM 001: R.F. Côté, Canada

The first mailart-piece I received (7th March 2006).
Thank you vey much R.F. Côté for sending me this 'Bof'.